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Aroii Nørrebro
Order delicious Thai dishes as takeaway from restaurant Aroii Nørrebro.
1. Spring roll (per piece)
2. Thai fish cakes
3. Sesame fried prawns
4. Chicken satay
5. Grilled beef salad
12. Tom Kha Coconut soup
14. Tom Yam prawn soup
19. Soya glazed chicken meatball
20. Calamari
21. Tuna tatar
24. Fresh spring rolls
25. Carrot salad
26. Gao Bao
28. Deep-fried wonton
6. Wok fried beef
7. Fried rice with prawns
8. Green curry with today's fish
9. Red coconut curry with chicken
10. Chicken with cashews
11. Fried noodles
15. Vietnamese noodle soup
27. Fried pork
30. Asian style spare ribs
65. Wok fried crispy pork
69. Yellow curry with chicken
70. Miso baked salmon
71. Duck stir fry
91. Panaeng curry with beef
0A. Prawn crackers
0B. Spicy mixed nuts
Extra dip
Extra rice
Extra noodles
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Zero
Sparkling water
Kildevand uden brus
French soft drink, Lemon
French soft drink, grape fruit.
French soft drink, mandarin.
French soft drink, organic ginger juice.
Kiin Kiin beer, lime and lemon.
Ricemarket beer, ginger and honey.
Singha beer
Beer Tsingtao
Charpentier Brut Champagne
White wine, Riesling
White wine, Chardonnay
White wine, Saugvignon Blanc
Rosé wine
Rødvin, Gamay
Red wine, Barbera Asti
Red wine, Shiraz

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