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Danish Minies
At Danish Minies, they are experts in making incredibly delicate miniature sandwiches that are perfect as catering for your next event or just as a little self-indulgence.
Green Harmony (6 pcs. Vegetarian reception)
Meat Free Magic (12 pcs. Vegetarian lunch)
Seaside Temptation (6 pcs. Pescetarian reception)
Social Synergy (6 pcs. Reception)
Flavor Fusion (8 pcs. Reception)
Mixed Creation (10 pcs.)
Harmony of flavors (12 pcs. Lunch)
Fusion Delight (14 pcs. Lunch)
Social Table (16 pcs. Lunch)
Tasting trip (20 pcs. Dinner)
Sweet Temptations (40 desserts)
10 pcs. Stjerneskud
10 pcs Shrimp
10 pcs egg and shrimp
10 pcs Smoked Salmon
10 pcs Sun Over Gudhjem
10 pcs Marinated Herring From Christiansø
10 pcs Spiced herring from Christiansø
10 pcs. Trout salad
10 pcs Tuna salad
10 pcs Hot smoked salmon mousse
10 pcs plaice with remoulade
10 pcs Roastbeef
10 pcs Dyrlægens Natmad
10 pcs Roast pork
10 pcs Classic Tatar
10 pcs Tartar
10 meatballs with cucumber salad
10 pcs Sirloin Steak
10 pcs Chicken Salad
10 pcs Classic Potato
10 pcs Avocado
10 pcs Potato With Tarragon Mayo
10 pcs Tomato
10 pcs Egg salad with watercress
10 pcs Danablue
10 pcs Brie With Fig Jam
10 pcs Danbo
10 pcs Smoked Cheese Salad
10 pcs Strawberry Tarts

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