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42 Raw
42Raw offers both plant-based, vegan and gluten-free food.
Brunch (09-13)
Acai bowl
Blue bowl
Matcha Bowl
Granola Bowl
Avocado and chili mayo sandwich
Avocado and hummus sandwich
Avocado and pesto sandwich
Avocado, pesto and "the taste of cheese" sandwich
Avocado and chicken sandwich
Avocado and salmon
Green poke bowl
Salmon poké bowl
Chicken poké bowl
Classic green bowl
Classic chicken bowl
Classic burger
Spicy burger
Truffle burger
Green burger
Sweet potato fries
Blueberry crumble
Triple chocolate
Hazelnut truffle
Peanut butter cups
Matcha Bounty Bite
Bounty Bite
Seattle juice 0,4 l
New York juice 0,4 l
Barcelona juice 0,4 l
Paris juice 0,4 l
Mean Green juice 0,4 l
Easy Green juice 0,4 l
New Orleans juice 0,4 l
Stockholm juice 0,4 l
Strawberry and ginger smoothie 0,4 l
Blueberries and parsley smoothie 0,4 l
Spinnach and kale smoothie 0,4 l
Organic cocoa and date smoothie 0,4 l
Strawberry milkshake 0,4 l
Organic banana milkshake 0.4 l
Organic blueberry milkshake 0.4 l
Organic chocolate milkshake 0.4 l
Organic peanut butter milkshake 0.4 l
Organic espresso milkshake 0.4 l
Organic matcha milkshake 0.4 l
Ginger and citrus lemonade 0.4 l
Sparkling water 0,37 l
Still water 0,37 l
Organic tea 0.3 l
Americano 0,3 l
Latte 0,3 l
Cappucino 0,3 l
Cortado 0,3 l
Ice coffee
Macciato 0,3 l
Matcha latte 0,3 l
Ice Matcha latte 0,3 l
Golden Latte 0,3 l

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