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H Table
H Table serves authentic Chinese-Cantonese food for good prices.
Peking soup with tiger prawns and greens
Homemade spring rolls with chicken, prawns and vegetables
Pan-fried homemade gyoza with pork and vegetables
Homemade salmon rolls with leeks and celery
Seasoned Salt Anise Pepper Chicken Wings
Wonton soup
Homemade tempura shrimp
Sesame prawn toast with water chestnuts
Steamed “Har-Gau”
Chinese duck confit
Stir-fried beef with black pepper sauce and vegetables
Crispy beef strips in spicy sweet-sour sauce and greens
Stir-fried spicy beef with Sichuan pepper and vegetables
Stir-fried beef with vegetables in black bean sauce
Gong bao chicken with vegetables, cashew nuts and chilli sauce
Stir-fried chicken with sweet basil, lemongrass and oyster sauce
Red curry with chicken and vegetables
Deep fried chicken in aromatic citrus sauce
Duck with pineapple in star anise sauce
Duck with Chinese kimchi-spiced sweet and sour sauce and greens
Stir-fried tiger prawns in sweet and sour sauce
Stir-fried tiger prawns with seasonal greens and goji berries
Fried whole bream in citrus sauce
Pork tenderloin in sweet and sour sauce with vegetables
Fried river rice noodles with beef, vegetables and oyster sauce
Fried rice with chicken and vegetables
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with ginger and garlic (side order)
Extra rice

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