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1. Tomato, baby mozzarella, three kinds of black pepper and fresh basil.
2. Tomato, mozzarella and organic strong Spanish chorizo
3. Sesame base, tomato, mozzarella, grilled aubergine, grilled pepper, baby mozzarella, rocket, semi-dried tomatoes and pesto.
4. Sesame base, tomato, mozzarella, shallot, meat sauce, coarsely chopped garlic and thyme.
5. Tomato, mozzarella, avocado, fresh tomatoes, pesto, sea salt and 3 types of pepper.
6. Mascarpone, white cheese, fresh tomatoes, parmesan and rosemary.
7. Tomato, mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, veal bacon, coarsely chopped garlic, rosemary and fresh mozzarella.
8. Sesame base, tomato, mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, brown mushrooms, white truffle oil and rosemary.
9. Sesame base, tomato, mozzarella, marinated chicken, avocado, fresh tomatoes, pesto and sea salt.
10. Tomato, goat cheese, pastrami, semi-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, parsley and basil.
11. Sesame base, tomato, mozzarella, veal fillet in strips, portobello mushrooms, shallots, parmesan, pesto and parsley.
12. Sesame base, tomato, mozzarella, veal fillet in strips, portobello mushrooms, shallots, béarnaise sauce and roughly chopped garlic.
13. Tomato, mozzarella, ham and pineapple.
14. Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni and pineapple.
15. Tomato, mozzarella, new potatoes, rosemary, pesto and basil.
16. Tomato, mozzarella, meat strips, pepperoni, paprika and chili.
17. Tomato, mozzarella, meat strips, portobello mushrooms and gorgonzola.
18. Tomato, mozzarella, bresaola, rocket, semi-dried tomatoes, parmesan and pesto.
Tomato, mozzarella, pastrami, rocket, semi-dried tomatoes, parmesan and pesto.
Lamb 1. Tomato, choose between goat cheese or gorgonzola, thinly sliced ​​New Zealand lamb, fresh rosemary, garlic and portobello mushrooms.
Lamb 2. Tomato, mozzarella, finely sliced ​​New Zealand lamb, new potatoes, fresh rosemary and garlic oil.
Sandwich 20. Marinated chicken, crispy veal bacon, tomatoes and mild curry dressing.
Sandwich 21. Marinated chicken, avocado, tomatoes and basil cream.
Sandwich 22. Homemade tuna salad, basil, shallots, tomatoes and anaheim chili.
Sandwich 23. Grilled aubergine, grilled pepper, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, semi-dried tomatoes and basil cream.
Sandwich 24. Pastrami, tomatoes, shallots, parsley, basil cream and a touch of habanero chili.
Sandwich 25. Bresaola, mozzarella, parmesan, semi-dried tomatoes and homemade pesto.
Sandwich 26. Mozzarella, pine nuts, semi-dried tomatoes, homemade pesto and almond sprinkles.
Sandwich 27. Spanish chorizo, avocado, parsley, homemade pesto and mozzarella.
Sandwich 28. Pastrami, gherkins, semi-dried tomatoes, aioli and parmesan.
Sandwich 29. Veal fillet in strips, grilled portobello mushrooms, brown mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes and basil cream.
Sandwich 30. Homemade tuna salad, mozzarella, avocado, pesto, tomatoes and shallots.
Sandwich lamb 3. Finely sliced ​​New Zealand lamb with shallots, tomatoes, basil cream and garlic oil.
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